What is Social Media Analytics? How to use it effectively

Measuring Social Interaction + Analyzing Social Behavior + Interpretation or Decision = Social Media Analytics.
Social Media Analytics is a powerful tool to measure social interactions, Analyze Social Behavior and on the basis of those analytics you make powerful decisions, decisions that make your brand, product or services user friendly and loveable. It helps you to track performance of a particular post or tweet. It gives clear data on re-tweets, mentions, favorites, likes, shares and comments. One can also track the peak hours of the post and number of the reach. Given below are the proven tips that enable you to utilize the Social Media Analytics effectively. Listen to your Customers: Social Media Analytics uncovers the sentiment, nature and behavior of audience which helps you to understand the customersí needs in real time. It gives a string to bind customer together with the brand and takes their feedback which further utilizes in improvement of the brand, product or services that you offer. This analysis also termed as Social Media Listening or Online Listening. Say, you launched an online shop which sells various types of chocolates. Same time, you set an ad campaign on Facebook. You have targeted audience belongs to all age group. You find the ad campaign is unable to perform up to the mark. You analyze the reason through analytics and now you did some changes and target the younger audience in second shot. This time you find the ad performance has been raised in many folds. For a chocolate company, target customers are children, when company targets the potential prospects the sale increases. In this particular case, therefore, analytics directed business owner to go through right path. It is only possible when you listen you audience and make the required changes according to their needs. TIP: Listen you customer as quickly as possible and do the needful. Must Read: Is Your Business Suffering from the NWA Syndrome? Spot the Peak Hours: Peak time for a business is when the maximum numbers of their prospective customers is online and interact on the post. Number of Likes, comments, share, mentions and re-tweets are indicators of the rush hours. Generally, interaction with the people is high during the Peak hours. Business page on Facebook has their insight which helps you in many ways to analyze and spot the rush time for your page. The pick hours of many businesses are lie between 9 PM to 11 PM. TIP: Spot the rush hours and do helpful posting in this period of time. Interact with your audience as maximum as you can. Donít let them waiting for long time during these hours, revert them as quickly as possible. Must Read: What are you doing to build your brandís identity? Pick which Post is working for you: The reach of the particular post indicates the performance of the post. You always want post should be served to maximum people around online. You can track your reach through insight. Say, you posted three posts on Facebook in a day. First post reach was 10K, second was 15k and the third got 25K reach. The natures of the posts were about your company, interesting facts and problem solving content respectively. For this particular case, problem solving content is shareable; therefore, the third post went viral and got maximum engagement. TIP: Track the reach and pick the nature of interaction. Create shareable and problem solving content as maximum as you can. Must Read: What Should You Do to Improve the Conversion Rate? Takeaway: Analytics are always helpful. These are raw and real time data and behavior of your customer. It utilizes in increasing revenue, reducing customer support costs, getting feedback and public opinions on the services and incorporates in product. Analytics always brings hidden message in the form of real time data; therefore, you should listen to your customers. What is your view on Social Media Analytics? Are you utilizing the Social Media Listening into your product? How does it help to change performance of your business? Do Comment the below comment Box.

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