Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’ve listed some common questions, along with answers, so you don’t have any confusion or doubt in your mind regarding our services. Even if a question that you may have isn’t listed below, you are always welcome to contact us anytime you want.

Website pricing depends on specific requirements and needs of the clients, as well as it is a direct reflection of design, development, type, time, goal and functionality of the site. These parameters may vary from one client to another, so does the pricing. It is a bit difficult to quote a standard price. Though, we have a PRICE TABLE for basic reference. If your project does not fall in any categories listed in the table, please CONTACT US.

Project delivering time depends on key parameters like project quality, project type, project complexity, project functionality, custom work and a client’s response and revision. However, a simple static website may take one week while a complex E-commerce website may require around 10 weeks to complete.

Yes, we do offer free comprehensive support for the first 3 months after your site goes live. It includes fixing any bugs and minor modifications. However, we charge for adding an extra element or a module to your website.

Yes, it is possible to add stuff to your website on your own. We provide our clients a Content Management System (CMS) to add, delete and edit contents, images and other stuffs.
Even, we can also give you a space from where you can easily make changes to Mata tags, title and description of a page. This helps you improve your SEO presence. However, we restrict these features to few clients only.

We don’t take any maintenance charge if your website has a Content Management System with you. On the other hand, we may charge a little to maintain your website.

Yes, you can take all your codes because you are the legal owner of the website.

Well, if you have your own server, you can host your website on it. Otherwise, we provide you a complete shared hosting. If you neither have a server nor want to have a shared hosting, then we can arrange server for you from our third party partners.

You can buy domain by your own. If you are unable to buy a domain, then our company will arrange for you from our third party partners. In this case you have to pay for the domain.

It might be possible and it might be not possible as well. Because, Domain provider is free to resell the domain. If your domain is available on market place then you can buy once again and can rebuild the website otherwise you have to go with another domain.