Joomla Website

Joomla Website

Joomla is free open source web site software. It is an award winning CMS that powers you to build functionality based web sites and applications. It is easily customizable, manageable and used for all kind of website for example: Corporate websites, portals, online magazines, newspapers, small business websites or personal web site. There is no restriction at use.

What attract the most about Joomla are features, flexibility and simplicity. It is a powerful Content Management System. It is packed with extendable plug-ins and extentions.

Here are some features listed below :

User Management System : Joomla provides user management system to manage all your users. It has nine user groups with different type of permissions.

Media Management System : It gives flexibility in media management. Admin can manage no. of images and video at websites.

Language manager : It offers you language manger that helps to set different language at frontend and backend. It is depends on admin what they use same or different language for backend and userend.

Banner Management : It is quite easy to set a banner on your website with the help of banner manager.

Contact Management : It support contact forms to maintain a contact with users.

Poll Management : It enables you to start and conduct a poll on your website so you know more about your customers or clients.

Syndication and Newsfeeds : It is integrated with RSS feeds. User can subscribe you for your latest content.

Powerful Extensibility: : Joomla is packed with thousands of extensions to improve the functionality of websites. The real power abides in its extensions.

Menu Management System : Menu management system enables you to create, add, update or remove menu. You can use nested menu as well as one menu time in any style.

Template : Joomla is packed with copious template. You can take any Joomla template and can change look and feel of your site. It is easy and efficient.

Content Management : It gives you vibrant content management system to have control over your content. One can add, remove or publish content through the help of its editor.

Many more features are waiting for you if you want your website ready With Joomla. It has big community over web to help and support you out. It is recommended for if you are going for an open source Content Management System.

It has a strong social media community as well. It has over 131K likes on Facebook and more than 48K followers on twitter.