Word Press Website


WordPress is a robust, feature and functionality rich Content management system. It is easy to use and even easier to install, customize and manage. More that 17% web is using WordPress and figure is increasing day by day. It is suitable for any type of blogs, websites, portals, enterprise websites as well as applications.

WordPress gives simplicity to users and publishers. It comes with thousands of plug-ins that makes WordPress Highly featured CMS. One can extend and modify the codes of Wordpress according to their needs.

Here is some list of features available for your reference :

Simplicity : Simplicity is the most attractive quality in any stuff or in person. WordPress has that simplicity what makes it greatly recognizable in crowd. It is as simple as you can imagine. Install WordPress and your website is ready to perform.

Flexibility : With WordPress, you can create any kind of websites or blogs. No matter it is big or small.

User Management : You can manage user on your website. You can restrict or give a particular permission to a user.

Media Management : The admin can manage the media. It gives complete control over no. of images that you want to display on your website. You can add or remove any kind of media at any time. You can do these all with video media too.

Easy Theme System : It offers you theme functionality so you can change look and feel at your convenience. You can use default theme or can choose theme according to you needs. WordPress is flooded with themes too.

Extended with Plug-ins : WordPress is packed with thousands of plug-ins that gives the flexibility to the functionality to WordPress. You can add complex galleries, social networking, forums, social media widgets, spam protection, calendars, fine-tune controls for search engine optimization, contact forms and many more.

Built in –Comment : It comes with built in comment so your website is able to engage more visitors. Here you can take feedback from your users.

Search Engine Optimized : It is search engine optimized that ensure your pages should be indexed by search engines. You can use SEO plug-ins to get more out of it.

Multilingual : WordPress is available in over 70 languages. It is another beautiful feature that can be used to attract local users.

Easy installable and upgradeable : It is easily installable and upgradeable.

Imports : You can import your data from any database.

Community : WordPress is the most popular open source CMS. It has vibrant community.

It is highly recommendable for you if you want to build your website on open source CMS. It has strong community on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. It has over 793K likes on Facebook page and more than 300,000 twitter followers and the popularity is day by day increasing.