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Magento was started by Varien (Now, Magento Inc. a division of eBay) under the name Bento by the programmers from open source community on March 31, 2008. Magnto is cost-effective and it got over 1500 plug-in with it.

The popularity of Magento on social media is quite high. It has more than 41,000 followers on twitter and over 9k likes on Facebook brand page. Its popularity on social media symbolizes the faith of the customers on this ecommerce software. It is highly popular in countries like India, Germany and Netherlands.

Magento is one of the leader in the Ecommerce and online shopping cart market. It is open source software that provides flexibility and control over the look and feel, content, functionality of an online store. It is a highly feature packed ecommerce software.

Some of its features are listed as below:

Product Management System: It enables your store with product suggesting tools with rating review system.

Marketing Promotions and Tools: It targets promotion and merchandises. It comes with coupons, discounts and other different promotional options.

Analytics and reporting: It is integrated with Google analytics to maintain an eye on the reports.

Site management: It provides control over multiple websites, multiple languages, and tax rate with support for US and International markets. It is customizable with its outlook through templates.

Search Engine Optimization: It is 100% search engine friendly and supports Google site map. It provides complete controls on the URLs and META data for the products and categories.

Catalog Browsing and Management: It provides easy navigation, product filtering as well as product comparison.

Product Browsing and Management: It offers you to browse multiple images of a particular product and gives an option for extensive reviews and wish-lists.

Shipping and Customer Services: It comes with enhanced features for Shipping and customers services. Customer accounts, Contact Us form, comprehensive order tracking, history and customizable order e-mails are the prime features in customer services.

Payment and Customer account management: It has payment method like Credits Card, Paypal, epay and many more.

Order Management System: To view, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel. It is able to create multiple invoice shipments and credit memos. It enables you call center order creation option too.

  • It is bit complicated in installation..
  • It is little tough in customization.
  • Maintenance costs are comparably high.

Magento is in the trends and highly recommended for enterprises, store owners and developers.