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osCommerce E-commerce

osCommerce is comprehensive and one of the most popular open source ecommerce solutions. It helps us to create, manage, maintain and run online shops. It is highly flexible, scalable and functionality based shopping cart. It is easily customizable, manageable and most importantly cost-effective and efficient.

The community of osCommerce is increasing day by day. It already has over 270,000 community members and got over 12,800 online stores. Team of developers and designers are very active to help you out. Over 7000 plug-ins are already updated to set and run a successful virtual store.

The osCommerce community is spreading over social networking sites as well. Facebook brand page of osCommerce has over 2900 likes and over 2300 followers are following it on twitter.

The main reason of gaining its popularity in ecommerce market is features and functionalities. It is really robust and dependable.

Here is some more functionality listed below:

Product and Reviews and rating system : Just like all other open source ecommerce software, osCommerce provides product and reviews and rating system to help customers at a particular product.

Search Engine Optimization : It comes with fast, friendly and advance search techniques that help web pages to be indexed by search engines.

Tax Functionality : The tax functionally is implemented according to country or state. You can set particular tax on particular product or shipping.

Product Functionality : It offers dynamic product attributes relationship and comes with HTML based product descriptions. You can set if product is available or out of stock. It display specailproducts automatically.

Marketing and Promotional Functionality : It gives reports on products so owner can do marketing for that products. Even, customers can subscribe to the products and can receive related emails or newsletters.

Highly Navigated Frontend : The frontend of osCommerce based stores have good navigation that allows a higher exposure of products and web pages. It supports breads comes to go fourth and come back to previous page.

Easily Manageable Backend : The backend of the osCommerce is easily manageable. One can add, delete or update products and can add new categories to the stores.

You are thinking about to have an online store then perhaps, osCommerce is a good choice to think. It is easily manageable and highly responsible.