Prestashop E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce E-Commerce Website

Prestashop is award-winning open source ecommerce software. Prestashop is the behind majority of online stores. It has a huge community and over 125,000 online stores are successfully featured by Prestashop. Prestashop is highly popular on Facebook. It got over 35k likes on Facebook and it is able to manage more than 14k followers on twitter. In some sense, we can say it has high social presence and good social brand value.

It is easy to customize and maintain. Rich and valuable features of Prestashop have made it highly popular on internet. It has over 25k modules.

There are some features listed below:

Catalog Management:

Prestashop provides flexibility in managing products from its back office. A store has one product or thousands; it is suitable for any size and shape store. A large set of products effectively manageable as it supported bulk uploads and updates. It helps you in creating a third party sell channel; means, one can easily place their product on eBay and Amazon through it.

It also offers features like product comparison, cross selling and product per page control. Product comparison means it offers you to enhance your research on a particular product. Serving related product or services to customer is known as cross selling. Cross selling is able to engage more customer and it increase the sell too.

Product Displays:

It has a unique way and serves numerous options to display products to customers so it fixes the sell. It enables your store with the features like zooming products and multiple product views. It shows related products and product reviews. A customer can add a product to its wish-list for future shoping and can send it to their friend through email or on social networking sites.

Search Engine Optimizations:

Pages made on Prestashop are highly SEO optimized to ensure your store is certainly indexed by search engines. It is SEO friendly and offers you have customized URLs for a particular page or product. It comes with dedicated URLs for each product to avoid a duplicate content. One can generate tags for each product. Google site map is another wonderful feature, you get when you get a virtual store ready on Prestashop.

Marketing Tools:

It offers variety of marketing tools such as Newsletter, Automated follow-up mails, Recently viewed product, Loyalty program, Refer a friend program and Coupons and discounts. It is totally depends on internet marketers how effectively they use these feature of marketing and promotion and generate sells.

Payment Tools:

It is integrated with the numerous payment options. It offers payment via credit cards, check, wire transfer and many more. Payment is filtered by currency and tax automatically configured by country and state.

Analytics and Reporting:

It provides analytic features to understand and read the minds and requirements of your customer.


It comes with one page check out as well as a customer can create a profile on it and can manage it.

Prestashop has unending list of features. You can only understand it’s all elegant features if you run an online store on Prestashop. It is recommended for store owners, developers and designers.