Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a technique to drive organic traffic or drive direct traffic from the search queries or Search Engines. SEO leads Search Engine Marketing (SMM). SMM can bring copious organic traffic to your websites before that webpage needs to optimize to make it search and user friendly. User friendly websites are search engines friendly as they give convenience to user in getting something out from search.

Our SEO experts are focused and work centric as they believe in doing smart work to increase visibility of page on SERPs.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO

There are two types of SEO.

On Page SEO:

On page SEO deals with optimization of web pages and making it search engine friendly so search engines love to pick you up. It may be started with URL structuring or making URL user friendly. User friendly URLs are highly picked by search engines. It also deals in with title and META description of the page. It should be Search Engines friendly.

On page SEO is a content based SEO as contents play a superior role in it. So, webmasters are used to say Content is the King.

Off Page SEO:

It is the second part of the SEO. It is practiced outside of the actual web page and technique is use to get quality back links from other websites. It includes Blog Posting, Blog Commenting and Forum Answering, Press release and article creation and distribution. Now a day, Infographic is in the trend and helps to gain the link juice from outer websites. Effectively and beautifully designed Infographic engage huge traffic besides this people loves to share it on social media as well as at website. So, it is important in two ways, first it provides social sharing and second gains quality links which helps in SEO.

Mighty Google loves and gives SEO benefits if you’re your incoming links are natural otherwise it will penalize you by Penguin 2.0 and its update versions. According to Google, link building through blog commenting, answering in forum, Guest blog posting and Infographic sharing are natural and helpful in SEO.

Benefits of SEO:
  • Best Way to Do internet Marketing.
  • Huge Organic Traffic.
  • High Brand Value.
  • High Revenue Generator.
  • International Reach
  • Website Visibility on World Wide Web.

URLs structure plays a vital role in SEO. URLs should be user friendly so it becomes easily understandable by a visitor. Finally, your user friendly URLs become highly pick able by search engines. Beside this, title of each page should be unique and self descriptive about the whole page. We also need to focus on Meta tags and the contents what our pages are having.

Simply, SEO is traffic booster it can increase traffic in many folds which leads to increase sales, generate Leeds and finally increase ROI.